For Parents


For Parents

Tired of Fighting Over Screen Time?

If you are like most parents, then granting and denying screen time to your kids can be a hassle. Activate Fitness allows for parents to control their children's screen time by simply setting activity thresholds for each child to meet. Activate Fitness puts screen time in the hands of the child. If your children want access to their favorite games and social media applications then they are going to have to work for them.

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  1. Develop Time Management Skills

  2. Decrease Arguments Over Screen Time

  3. Increase Productivity And Physical Health

  4. Potential to Decrease Medical Costs

  5. Develop Good Workout Habits For Future Use

  6. Develop A Work Ethic At A Young Age

Screen Time With ACTIVATE Fitness Is EARNED, Not Given!


For Couples

For Couples

Couple Goals 

Push your significant other to stay active and in shape. Through the use of Activate Fitness, you can ensure your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend is getting an appropriate amount of exercise to stay happy and healthy.

Hold your partner accountable for his/her activity levels.




Help Us Fight Obesity

Obesity numbers increase on an annual basis and are still on the rise. Households are spending thousands of dollars per year on medical expenses and therapy due to lack of motivation and work ethic.

Activate Fitness is determined to lower obesity rates and make our nation more active and healthy. Please join us on this journey!