Encourage Kids to Get More Out of Recess

Teachers nor parents can control how active kids will be at recess. Some kids might play soccer or a game of touch football while others sit on a swing or slide. How can school systems promote physical activity outside of recess and Physical Education?

The answer is : ACTIVate

With school systems now doing away with books and turning to iPads, children will now have the ability to learn from iBooks and educational games. What if access to those fun educational games had to be earned? Teachers could set activity thresholds for their students to ensure their entire class was getting some sort of physical activity on a daily basis.


How Will It Work For My Classroom?

Each student must have a fitness wearable to track their activity. Through ACTIVate, Teachers set up a "Classroom" account and pair all of the student iPad's to this one account. This process allows for the teacher to control screen time on each iPad and visually see activity levels of each student. Teachers then set up classroom thresholds that every student must meet before they are granted access to play the fun educational games on their iPad. 


  • Throw a pizza party for the classroom with the most steps in a month
  • Have student with most activity in the week pick a game to play at the end of the day
  • Compete with other classrooms for other rewards and incentives