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Fitness Wearables

Each wearable below offers a different customer experience. Some are great for kids, some have a longer battery life, some are less expensive but they all track your activity and all integrate with our technology.



As the most well known fitness trackers in the United States, Fitbit provides a variety of products to satisfy all customer needs. Great quality and their well designed app makes Fitbit difficult to compete with. Families that can afford a Fitbit for all of their children won't be disappointed in their purchase.




These activity wearables are great for families on a tight budget. Xiaomi products are great quality for a reasonable price. These bands have 20-30 day battery life and are great for all ages.




Apple Watch is a smart watch instead of just an activity tracker. This watch allows end users to not only view and track their activity, but also provides them with the ability to download apps for a more advanced experience. These watches are expensive, but with more features and advanced technology its value and capabilities are attributes that attract customers.