Spending Too Much Time On Your Phone & Not Enough Time in the Gym?

If you are anything like the majority of American adults with a cell phone, then you are probably extremely good at procrastinating when it comes to working out. Technology makes the decision of exercising much more difficult since it is much easier to just sit on the couch and scroll through social media all night long.

If you need some guidance when it comes to exercising and don't want to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for gym memberships, personal trainers or workout equipment then ACTIVate is your all-in-one solution.


  1. Procrastinate and find excuses not to stay in shape?
  2. Find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise?
  3. Fail to stay committed to the workout goals you set?
  4. Have a gym membership you pay for each month that doesn't get used?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the statements above then ACTIVate is the app for you!

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