100% FREE App to control screen time

Activate Fitness is a patent pending technology that regulates screen time based on daily activity levels. Activate Fitness grants or denies screen time depending on the amount of daily activity that was performed by the device owner. Daily activity levels are generated through the use of Apple Health, Google Fit or a wearable fitness tracker. Through the use of wearable fitness trackers we can regulate the amount of time spent on our mobile device and push individuals & families towards a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Set Activity Goals

  • Define an Activity Goal and allow your child to EARN their own screen time by reaching activity goals tracked by their wearable device.

  • Set Goal based on:

    • Steps

    • Active Time

    • Distance

    • Calories Burned

    • Floors

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Manage APps Individually

  • Activate Fitness provides users with the ability to individually manage specific apps downloaded on the Child device.

    • Always Disabled

    • Disabled per Schedule

    • Always Enabled

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Set Daily Schedules

  • Define Schedules to Restrict or Allow your child access to the apps on their device. Set specific time frames and days of the week for each Schedule to take effect. Examples :

    • Bedtime

    • School

    • Dinner


Grant Free Time

  • Activate Fitness allows Parents to manually grant screen time whenever necessary. Potential Ways to EARN Free Time :

    • Completing Chores

    • Good Grades

    • Finishing Homework

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Manage Multiple Devices

  • Activate Fitness allows Parents to manage all of their child’s devices from one account. Other features (icons in image) :

    • Generate Reconnection Code

    • Remotely Logout Child Device

    • Delete Device from Child Account

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